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05 March 2010

Mama someday you'll be so proud of me

Artist: Egon Schiele, 1914
Title: Edith Schiele

(interests me lots)

I've been thinking a whole lot lately about college. And i don't have the same outlook on it like before. I actually enjoy the topic now that i have goals of school i actually want to really go to!
Pour example:
FIT- this school is SO me that its not even funny! I adore it!
SVA - Ah after that amazing catalog...why wouldn't i be interested?
NYU - Holla at your girl!
YALE - #1 ART PROGRAM?! helllo.
And after my friend Andi gave my some inspirational words on not to give up, I am pretty set out and ready.

On a Fashion note, I think I should bring up my favorite model of the moment.
She is know as Abbey Lee Kershaw.
I love her for being able to transform from one character to another!
The funny thing is that I've always had pictures of her in my computer but never took the time to notice her. For example this picture of her with the bunny is one of my favorite pictures ever! And now I found out that its Abbey!

I close this entree by saying that my friend Ruby Gatta is a great song singer!
She thinks i don't listen but, its all I have been doing.
i love her.

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