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28 March 2010

Been looking down

These past couple of days did not feel like a weekend to me at all.
Since my departure from my home I have gotten many of my "I never really thought this could be happening" moments. From a Peter Pan play to a trip to a store that gives me the strongest nostalgic vibes. I have also been in a "lost" sort of mood for no reason.
I have been thinking too much once again about my future. I don't know why I do this to myself, because I know it affects me in a poor manner.
Besides all these mixed thoughts...my sweet step-mama (whom I wish to call belle-mere) has supported me on my wish to be a stewardess. She says that its a great thing to do while you still young and single...especially if you want to travel.
So, I am looking forward to that wonderful experience.
Finally, I apologize for not blogging to frequently, I just don't always have access to a computer especially now that I wont be having my phone for the next 2 days. (I forgot my charger at home)
PS: my Of Montreal outfit is coming along.

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