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13 February 2010

What are you saying? (i make no sense)

Dreaming of dreams beyond my reach. Wearing Red polish and lips. Imagining my sketches but doing nothing about them. Wanting to read one hundred years of solitude. Changing my room up in my head.
My mama took a flight to Ecuador on Wednesday, and I miss her tremendously. Not only my ma, but also Jisu (my bichon frise) who was left in the arms of Ruby (Hans) for the weekend since I didn't want to leave her all alone nor here with the crazy terrier!

My hair is really long right now but will soon be tiny. My ballet is something that I will miss.I have been growing. I still really want to grow really tall and become a cat walker.
I also want to pay a tribute to Alexander McQueen. He truly was an inspiration. We will miss you dearly.

Joyce McQueen: What makes your heart miss a beat?
Alexander McQueen: Love.
JM: Love for children? Love for adults? Love for animals?
AM: Falling in love.

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