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03 January 2010

Ode of the Sun

A new year or a new chapter whatever you want to call it.
I guess I'll tell you how my last day of 2009 went down: pretty much down the drain.
I'm feeling free however, I must learn to overcome silly
occasions and prepare myself for my new year of life. My birthday is coming up,
so not only is it a new year but a new age which is great!
January seems to be the best month for me and I'm ready.
I'm avoiding any plans for my birthday that way anything that comes my way I can face it with
surprise and open arms.

Sneaking off to the beach house was probably the best thing i could have done this weekend.
School starts tomorrow and in order to start of right I am heading straight to the office to fill out
my midterm papers.
Also February is dual enrollment planning. (yes! See you all in the future!)
Hope my old friends stay on board of this train with me through this year and that new one's hop on my journey.

My new years resolution: To find my true self.
Enjoy your school days.

p.s. Je suis collecting les livres pour mon belle creation!
(my attempt of speaking unknown sections of french)

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