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15 January 2010

Nobody’s going to put me in a cage.

Right now?: Munching on my Holland candy and reunited with an old friend.
Doors are opening more than one at a time, I am very...mm blissful for it all.
Also, I'm about to turn seize (16). Yeah I also got a 95 on my francais*
midterm. (imaginary mustage and baret place themselves upon me)
Long week-end I'm looking forward to you with a smile.
My mind is in a "sun shining through the window blinds" kind of state.
I'm open to all, yet enjoy staying myself.

Yesterday was a lovely way to spend my afternoon with Isabel in stars (like she puts it).
Discussed great topics and had a nice little meal with surprise friends!
I'm hoping to share with her all my "escape to places" next week-end.

I'm off to my great hike on finding the greatness of my weekend!!
bye, ciao, A toute à l’heure!

*french, written in french.

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