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23 December 2009

wrap me up

Wrapping presents has become a holiday hobby. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and
I am very thrilled to see what wonderful things will happen!
It will only be mama, mon petite fif, and moi.

I have given all my presents to the rightful owner and I have returned to my
good old days of non-stress of things to do.

I have become a very loyal visitor to barns and noble and am glad that Meagan
will be working in the coffee shop there very soon.
Now i say my farewells and wish everyone a great night, as i go and hop on my cloud with my love of a puppy: Jisu.
Bon Soir. ♥
break down of my day:
- woke up by Ruby
- Went home
- spent my day watching movies
- which inluded: Angus, thongs and perfect snogging AND Factory girl.
- here i am...

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