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12 November 2009

Sweet Days Are Coming My Way!

Ciao Loveys, how's it been?
Let me break it down: I spent my Veteran's Day watching
Almost Famous! Ampersand I recommend it highly! (Zooey, as well as Patrick
Fugit plus Kate Hudson were in it!)
Today, Thursday was completely different then
usual. Mon amie Meagan was in the car with me in the morning....and i got home
through Ruby's voiture.
Speaking of Ruby, she deviates to California a demain.
I will miss her terribly.
Run-on sentence: LET ME BORROW YOU DVD, so i can
Wrist Cutters -again- Sans Rancune Science of sleep -again- LET ME BORROW
YOUR TIME, so we can:
have a picnic become artists make music
Catch you guys later! ♥

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