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21 August 2009

I WILL have a class with Isabel H L.

Hello reader, apologies for my vanishment!
I guess i sort of lost the magic to blogging, but no worries
Ruby & I made a goal to write in our Blog this year a whole lot!
Speaking of Ruby...this week was filled with her!!

Monday she & her mama took me to IKEA, YES i know!
i was my fist time & i LOVED IT
Wednesday I sneaked away to her house in search of a tea party
with her & Andi! even though she had to leave very quickly, i got
to see her lovely bike!! Ruby & i finished the day with brownies & ribbons.
Thusday I met Ruby around the corner with Jisu & she slept ova for the first time!!
Sadly she came right when i was re-modeling my room, but i was fine!
We got our Documentary so ready! Be on the look out for that btw.
It WILL give u a heart attack.
Friday (today) Ruby & i got the best news! We got a class in school together!!!! & LUNCH! We are really happy. Plus she approved of my new glasses (Franklin aka Frannk) & now we both have mustage & casette necklaces.
-shes so grand- check out her blog its ahwsahmer than mine!

(SKYPE PIC) Tell me how to not lahve her? ^
lol, anyways i got my lovely glasses & all i need are my plums (shoes :))
well im offff to shleep because this morning i lost all my energy
after shoving Ruby through my wall for pushing me off the bed!!

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