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25 August 2009

I Thought I Saw Your Face Today

Bonjour ill est moi, fifi.
Yesterday, school was back in session!
I decided to let loose and go with my hair down.
Bad choice. This morning, second day, I got up early to head on over to school
& get into information on the art club because its
killing me to not be able to take art this year.
I made a new "friend" today. Her name was my future bunny's
name: Daisy
(I'm naming her after Marc Jacobs Perfume?)
It was so great! Having a class with my art companion Ruby &
my good old friend Natalia together, isn't really what I wanted but
hopefully everything goes well.

My plum's have yet to arrive & I'm desperate.
I leave you with these great shots while i go decorate
all my school stuff (binders, agenda, etc.)

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