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04 June 2009

you and me and the mountains

Blog! I've missed you. BIG DAYS AHEAD of me!
Here's to outline:
>>Friday, June 5: Dance recital!
>>Saturday, June 6: I fly off to Italy, WAOH!
>>Sunday, June 7: It will be a great morning in Italy \(~.~)/

Besides these great things, Today was great as well!
Not only was it the last day of school but Ruby popped in and we had a blast
watching "Marie Antoinette". What a beautiful movie!
We said our final goodbyes and she scurried away......
She left me with a great token for me to listen to! NYLONS
....it is....flawless!!! <3 span="">
I'm going to miss everyone so much! And it JUST hit me!
Lil's , Rub's, Jisu, my mam, my pop's, and every one else
I'm going to try so hard to keep in touch!

PS- RUBY: don't forget to make the video
of us apart in Japan!!!

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